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Install eZ Platform v3.0

Get Started with eZ Platform


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eZ Launchpad

eZ Launchpad requires you to have PHP (5.6+ or 7+) and Docker installed.

You can find a full documentation here:

ezplatform@eZ-Systems: ~/www

# Install eZ Launchpad.

$ curl -LSs | bash

# Initialize a new project from scratch, follow the wizard and answer the questions.

$ ~/ez init

# Display details on your Docker Stack.

# Output example with prefix port 42 and varnish.

$ ~/ez ps

Project Web Access
Nginx - Front-end (Development Mode): http://localhost:42080
Nginx - Back-end (Development Mode): http://localhost:42080/ez
Varnish - Front-end (Production Mode): http://localhost:42082
Varnish - Back-end (Production Mode): http://localhost:42082/ez

# Admin UI Login: admin, password: publish.