Fast Track Features in eZ Platform v1.8

eZ has released eZ Platform v1.8 today, bringing a number of improvements since the LTS release, for those of you interested in venturing in to the Fast Track. Of course, the Long Term Support v1.7 has received patches with v1.7.1, and these are also included in v1.8.0

In the Open Source Edition’s User Interface, we’ve replaced the tree view with a new browser widget, allowing you to browse for unlimited items 50 at a time. In the online editor, you can now rearrange elements by moving them up and down, and links may be pointed at internal content items, as well as configured for _target and title attribute customization. You can also sort content items in the Sub-Item view by clicking on column headings. There’s a nice accordion effect to the ContentTypeView, new/updated icons, and the whole thing is now translatable using Crowdin!

Under the hood, we’ve got improvements to HttpCache to improve usability and performance, the ability to configure content/edit rights independently from publish rights, and localization of handlebar templates.

The full list of changes for eZ Platform is on GitHub:

For the additional changes added in the Enterprise Edition, check here:

We look forward to the next Fast Track Release in 2 months and, perhaps even more exciting, we are beginning Sprint Zero to begin experimenting with the groundwork for eZ Platform v2.0! If you are interested in this next-generation project, you can follow the formation of the requirements on GitHub:

We hope you’ll give v1.8 a try and share your feedback!

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