eZ Conference 2018: To Hack, Squash Bugs, or?

eZ Conference 2018 will take place on June 5 to 7 2018 in Cologne, Germany. At previous conferences we (eZ Systems) organized Bug Squashing sessions, an eZ Dev Bar and a Hackathon (London 2017). These ‘Community/Developer’ focused sessions took place in parallel to other events during the conference and were only organized in the last months or weeks.

For the next conference, we’d like to organize something a bit bigger, way ahead of the conference and where the community could also be more involved. We want to hear your ideas, and most of all, if you would be interested in such an event.

We created a Poll on our forum, please leave your vote if you would be interested in contributing or attending and join the discussion. Do not hesitate to leave any ideas and/or feedback in a comment below the Poll.

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