Community Board Meeting Minutes 8/8/2018

Present: Robin, Sylvain, Gunnstein (Excused: Jani, Ivo, Sébastien, Alex) 


Progress cla-assistant

Topics to be added to agenda?


Next meeting

Wednesday August 22, 17:00 CET (Amsterdam)

1 - Improve install/upgrade doc/process eZ Platform

Status: Suggested as a topic by Sebastien Morel.
Minutes: -

2 - Community Strategy / Survey

Status: Survey is open, feel free to push this on Twitter etc. Direct link: We have 47 responses so far, this already provides good input for the community strategy. Keeping it open for at least 1 or 2 more weeks.

Minutes: -

3 - phasing out

Status: no progress yet, Robin needs to check with Sylvain

Minutes: Sylvain is waiting for IT to check if we can get all email addresses to inform project owners up front. Robin will wait with communication before this is done.

Gunnstein: did we limit the license choice on Are we allowed to move the projects to github when a license is unsure.

Robin to check licensing on GitHub in general. Is a default set, or none allowed?

4 - / legacy

Status: No progress yet, Robin needs to check with Sylvain

Minutes: Robin will check out if he can work on the homepage with the help of Sylvain.

5 - Developer feedback (

Status: Robin is making a list of community members to approach for this.

Minutes: -

6 - Slack - missing channel descriptions

Status: Robin is working on removing unused channels, and setting topics/descriptions.

Minutes: -

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