Community Board Meeting Minutes 22/8/2018

Present: Robin, Sylvain, Gunnstein, Ivo (Excused: Jani, Alex, Sebastien) 



Topics to be added to agenda?

Ivo: give-away for Summer Camp, what could eZ provide?

Next meeting

Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 18:00 CEST 

1 - Improve install/upgrade doc/process eZ Platform

Status: Suggested as a topic by Sebastien Morel.

Minutes: skipping due to absence of Sebastien.

2 - Translation

Status: we did a small push for translation of eZ Platform 2.2. eZ Platform 2.3 is coming in about a month (see roadmap). Can and should we push translations again in the Community? And if so, how? What actions can we define?

Minutes: Sylvain could setup a dedicated server for translations. Release of 2.3 is end of September. Sylvain will check with IT as soon as possible for a server. Robin and Sylvain will check depending on that on how to proceed.

3 - Community Strategy / Survey

Status: Survey will close on Friday, 66 responses so far. Already checking the data to incorporate this into the community strategy.

Minutes: Robin shares the status, and how to proceed with the survey.

4 - phasing out

Status: Sylvain is waiting for IT to check if we can get all email addresses to inform project owners up front. Robin will wait with communication before this is done.

Gunnstein: did we limit the license choice on Are we allowed to move the projects to github when a license is unsure.

Robin to check licensing on GitHub in general. Is a default set, or none allowed?

Minutes: Robin checked on GitHub and licenses. When you create a repository, you are still able to skip setting a license. GitHub offers as help, selecting a license if you do set one.

Robin will double check with Roland about licensing, privacy etc. In the concept of eZ hosting the code now, and the fact that we move this to GitHub.

Community Board agrees we should be safe moving to GitHub.

Note: About github: "Code without an explicit license is protected by copyright and is by default All Rights Reserved. The person or people who wrote the code are protected as such. Any time you're using software you didn't write, licensing should be considered and abided." 

5 - / legacy

Status: Robin is preparing to make changes to the homepage of This will result in a homepage were we only share information which is still relevant, blocks with outdated content will be removed.

Minutes: Robin moving on with this next week

6 - Developer feedback (

Status: Robin is making a list of community members to approach for this.

Minutes: Robin will check with Nikita if he is ready to publish developer feedback. If not, Robin will gather the feedback at a later point.

7 - Slack - missing channel descriptions

Status: Robin is working on removing unused channels, and setting topics/descriptions.

Minutes: Robin makes note of no limit on users on the community Slack.

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