Community Board Meeting Minutes 19/9/2018

Present: Robin, Jani, Alex (Excused: Sebastien, Sylvain, Ivo, Gunnstein) 



Topics to be added to agenda?

-Next meeting

Wednesday October 10, 18:00 CET (Amsterdam/Europe)

1 - Improve install/upgrade doc/process eZ Platform

Status: Suggested as a topic by Sebastien Morel.
Minutes: this topic will be removed from the agenda, Sebastien can let us know when he wants to discuss this.

2 - Translation

Status: we did a small push for translation of eZ Platform 2.2. eZ Platform 2.3 is coming in about a month (see roadmap). Public demo server is available and a tutorial has been posted on the forum: .

Minutes: Removed from the agenda, as the next release is due. 

3 - Community Strategy / Survey

Status: Survey closed, data analysed. Community Strategy draft ready this week.

Minutes: Robin to send the draft to Roland and the Community Board.

4 - phasing out

Status: Sylvain is waiting for IT to check if we can get all email addresses to inform project owners up front. Robin will wait with communication before this is done. Roland has been informed about the consensus of the board on this matter, also with a note on moving code without any response from a project owner

Minutes: Alex, are there any payed extensions? What kind of licenses? Robin to double check.

5 - / legacy

Status: Robin is preparing to make changes to the homepage of This will result in a homepage were we only share information which is still relevant, blocks with outdated content will be removed.

Minutes: Robin needs help from Sylvain to make the changes on

6 - Developer feedback (

Status: Robin is making a list of community members to approach for this. Robin will check with Nikita if he is ready to publish developer feedback. If not, Robin will gather the feedback at a later point.

Minutes: We can move ahead with this, work on will resume the following month. Robin will gather developer feedback.

7 - Slack - missing channel descriptions

Status: All channels that were not used, or were duplicates, have been archived. Missing channel topics and use descriptions have been added/updated.

Minutes: Finished, removed from the agenda

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