Community Board Meeting Minutes 10/24/2018

Present: Robin, Sylvain, Jani, Gunnstein, Ivo (Excused: Alex, Sébastien) 


- Twitter block broken on

Topics to be added to agenda?

- Product feedback / board on (Sylvain)

Next meeting


1 - Community Strategy / Survey

Status: Robin has sent the draft to Roland and the Community Board. Robin will update some of the statistics with more recent data (2018). Similar data (geography, gender) we could access is available on Symfony: and


Robin: waiting for the review by Roland (and possible other management)

2 - phasing out

Status: A date has been set to discontinue This is December 31, 2018! The site will be made read-only on December 1. Before that, Robin and Sylvain take the necessary actions to inform the community, and code is moved to GitHub. (Initial discussion).

- Sylvain will get a list of email addresses from IT to inform project owners
- Robin will draft communication about these dates, to share with the community
- Robin/Sylvain will add a banner on 
- IT will move code to GitHub


Robin; where do we move code to, on GitHub? Not, but a new organization? Robin will check with IT/Sylvain.

Robin; communication involves 1, an e-mail to project owners, announcement added to the Week in Review, a dedicated blog on (under and Blogs to be shared on Slack, Twitter and the eZ LinkedIn group.

3 - / legacy

Status: Robin is preparing to make changes to the homepage of This will result in a homepage were we only share information which is still relevant, blocks with outdated content will be removed.


Robin; the homepage has been simplified, please check if this is complete.

Jani: make security advisories available (menu, or block)

4 - Developer feedback (

Status: Robin is gathering developer feedback, some have been received already. Once complete, this will be added to

Minutes: Robin provided a status update

5 - Product feedback

Status: Sylvain giving an update on the product feedback tool now integrated in Slack and on This was also introduced in . Portal available on .



Check if the heroku app solution can be changed to something else, for self-invites to Slack (Ivo). Robin will check on this.

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